90 Days Aged Beef – video

Travelling in Italy in August I picked up several sides of beef on my way to Etna and when I had a chance to leave them for an extended period of time, I said why not.

The end result was my meat locker was pretty stinky but not in a bad way, and I could smell butternuts, this intense aroma but also the meat decay (rot) which was overpowering as well, it was kind of a good and bad smell at the same time.

So I deboned it, an easy task to get the bone out because the meat had shrunk so much and the tissue had softened. There was a lot of mold so I had to work my way through it, I really cut it back almost just showing very little fat and even cutting parts of the meat away because it was over ripe.

When I cleaned it I looked at it and I had to taste it it smells so good and it tasted nasty but in a really good way it just blew my mind. I would’ve eaten more raw beef but I was worried it would bother my stomach, so I just ate some of it, and then I decided due to my schedule I would have to cook it to sous vide. The meat was delicious, next time roasting it, or cooking it in a pan may be worthy of a try. Luckily I still have one side to taste and no mistakes next cooking.

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