Truffles 2021

Alba is always a dream, you find the most magnificent landscapes and mist rolling over the Piedmonte hills.

The territory is synonymous with the tuber Magnatum Pico, the white truffle many fans savour all over the globe. The intensity of the aromas race in your olfactory, pheromones craze your palate. The classic dish is pasta made with egg and our favourite restaurant is Antica Torre, one of those classic restaurants near to the winery of Angelo Gaja: and a visit there is always exciting.

This year no doubt it has been a tough year and the truffles are suffering many fools. I had the opportunity to taste some truffles this season and it is a difficult season. However each season you can stumble on a decent truffle and this trip we found a few types. The aromas are muted yet the taste is decent and not much more. The season goes on….

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