Tuna Cut @ Tsukiji – Video

The maguro kiri bōchō is used once the tuna is cut by handsaw.

After a journey from the auction this Hon Maguro: arrives to be dissected by the experts it is cut into two parts and the collar bone is cut by a hand saw before they begin to divide the quarters: https://mesubim.com/?s=hon+Maguro

The skill is quite amazing and what is even more amazing is the actual ideology behind the process and dissection. But at the same time we realise tuna is a warm blooded and is an extraordinary creature of the sea.

I won’t go into the ecological aspects of the anatomy, this admirable species manages to cross continents until it finds its way the mouths of some who take the time to appreciate the tuna’s life, habitat and the process of handling the fish’s integrity by those masters cutters in Japan.