History Repeats Itself – Video

It takes a day off work and the mobilisation of 80’000 government employees into a stadium to celebrate a tribute to war.

It seems unimaginable after an attack and brutalisation of their neighbouring country Putin turns around and holds a national event event is with flag-waving crowds in Moscow’s Luzhniki stadium further provoking the free world. Where do we go with all this as history repeats itself and tells us that in times of desperation leaders reach deep into their pockets to convince the public of their justification of war crimes.

Russia’s propaganda is in full swing with special lessons in schools are being taught on the annexing of Crimea as Russia marks the anniversary with a celebration in Moscow. The timing and the potencies display a vibrance and justification of his attack on Ukraine which is clearly disgusting.

Russia History Teacher praises history and the annexing on March 18th, 2014

Where are we sitting in the beginning of a new Russian era, the re-birth of a dictatorship something building up during my lifetime. Could anyone guess that Russia would become our arch enemy in the 21st-century? Asymmetric weapons are Russia’s strike proof platform some would consider as a supersonic threat while others will point out Kinzhal and Russia MIG 31 are just desperate military attempts by Putin.

Imagine eight years after Russian troops seized Ukraine’s southern region of Crimea, we find Putin branding around in a National event defining his importance.

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