Escargot Burgundy

If people knew the snails they were eating were from Poland instead of Dijon, people might think twice about eating them. 

Sadly, many restaurants sell Eastern European snails instead of the Burgundian escargot despite their exclusive nature and special protection. About 90 per cent of snails eaten in France come from Eastern Europe according to French producers who are demanding a limit on exports. 

Harvesting is prohibited in France during the breeding period from 1 April to 30 June although they are on venues almost year round. Among the variety of snails to feast on, there is arguably no greater treasure than the wild burgundy snails.

The traditional Bourgogne escargots are served piping hot directly from the oven on a sandstone plate, a typical small casserole is often used. Below at Hotel de Beaune the snails come in an open dish, these were fantastic cooked in a court bouillon and finished in garlic and parsley butter and garlic.

Hotel de Beaune serves delicious snails to feast on called the “Big White Vineyard Snail”

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