If you’ve travelled to San Sebastián you must know Ganbara.

Ganbara is bustling with all walks of life from all over the globe, almost always busy a mother and son Amaia and Amaiur work in the old town of San Sebastián serving some of the best pintxos. Behind the bar are two staff working like hell until 15h30 when they stop for a break to rest and get ready for the evening rush.

So, what makes Ganbara so special are the pintxos, (pronounced Pin-chos) small bite sized ready made foods, and those above prepared warm are a la carte. No doubt Jamon is an absolute must, and green peppers lightly fried; Pemento da Arnoia or Pemento de Herbón Padron, and the simplicity of sliced tomatoes and virgin oil, or the pièce de résistance mushroom and egg.

The quality of their ingredients are excellent and the preparation simple yet right to the point make each bite memorable. Whatever you’ll try at Ganbara it won’t disappoint.

C. de San Jerónimo, 21, 20003 Donostia-San Sebastian, Gipuzkoa, Spain
+34 943 42 25 75

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