Hot Tomalley Lobster

Hold onto your seat this is a lobster you’ll never forget till kingdom come.

Now, imagine whatever lobster you’ve tried and now imagine this lobster, a Spanish Atlantic lobster prepared perfectly over the hot coals of a Basque Asador at Etxebarri.

I am always excited by the head’s “miso” the brains if you call it that – but not exactly as we technically refer to it as Tomalley. A Carib word it is a sauce of a lobster’s liver, a soft green and beige paste found in the cavity of lobsters. The functions of both the liver and pancreas many think it’s their brains 🤯🤯🤯 – tomalley is light coloured and similar to the crab tomalley.

The lobsters’ tail is where beginners start and finish but for experts their claws should be juicy if the lobster is cooked right. But ultimately the tail’s roe (my son’s favourite) is sometimes found hanging as you see in the photo and they are deliciously crunchy.

Texture something we often overlook in many dishes – the eggs pop in your mouth. Actually I broke a molar on a lobster almost thirty years ago and it never stopped me from crunching down on their skeletons:

Etxebarri Lobster et Eggs

Facts: For many lobster lovers their anatomy includes a heart, and an adult lobster’s heart beats 50 to 136 beats per minute. They do have arteries, but they also have areas where blood is just delivered openly in the body cavity.

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