Insane Hand Grinder – Vitantonio

First, this name is a combination (composed, blended name) of “Vito” and “Antonio”, it is of German and Etruscan origin. But that’s not as important as my journey in search of the best hand grinders both for wet and dry grinding in a home kitchen.

There are so many options but mostly seem to be divided between power, blades and a removable containers (glass or plastic) which are easy to wash in your dishwasher. There are those which are connected to the machine’s body and cannot be cleaned in a dishwasher. Then the grinding and chopping, volume of raw materials chopped/grinded at any one time and then the blades, the number of blades, blade materials and the container they do their work.

What I really appreciate about this particular Grinder are the blades themselves. There are three stainless blades on different tiers, all slanted except the bottom blade so when you’re grinding the raw particles they are being forced from the bottom to the top of the container and are cut throughout the process. Consequently most hand grinders aren’t very efficient in grinding but in this particular case as the particles are moving and being forced upwards they are getting sliced and diced: and the glass container weights the machine.

What can I say except these blades are very scary sharp when new, and serrated would be worse 😱😱😱. At a first glance I thought Vita Prep when I picked it up; a sturdy glass container, weighing 1.4kg and it is pretty professional and quite amazing in style. No doubt Vita Prep was in this game since the 1920’s and in the late 1960’s coined Vita Prep. Even if this looks like Vita Prep quality, it is and “Vitan Tonio” was born in 1999 as a Japanese cooking appliance brand. It is characterized by “simple design and ease of use”, and they create items of quality.

The Vitantonio is only 200W but watts aren’t the only factor although a larger machine more professional would be a much higher wattage. Electrical power is measured in watts, one watt is a single unit of power. When we use the term “watt”, we are putting a number on the rate of transfer of energy. Meaning, a watt is a unit of power, and power is the rate at which energy is produced or consumed by an object.

Inefficient delivery leads to wasted power and more heat, which can potentially decrease the lifespan of your components. Kitchen energy use; a dishwasher: 1200-1500 watts. Microwave: 900-1723 watts, and oven: over 2000 watts and a typical coffee maker: 800-1400 watts.

The higher the wattage, the greater the amount of electrical energy that an electrical appliance or piece of equipment uses over a period of time. For example, a 1,200-watt microwave oven uses twice as much electrical energy and produces twice as much heat in one minute as a 600-watt microwave oven.

At the end of the day if your Grinder has the ability to perform you don’t need to work it for more than a maximum of 30 seconds and that would be the maximum unless you were whipping fresh cream which not all grinders would be required to do. Typically if you grind sesame seeds you would need a maximum of 30 seconds and if you’re chopping a carrot no more than 5 to 10 seconds so efficiency comes from the machines performance.

That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re buying the machine which has the ability to do what you want it to do, not what do you think you can do. That’s what makes it so challenging for anyone who is buying a small hand Grinder because there are so many Grinders in the marketplace and (this as well) are made in China. The problem is many are just poor quality, often over heat and the end result isn’t satisfying.

Plates in plastic for whipping-grinding and hand spatula small enough to do the job-