Dal Pescatore

When history is important we think of Dal Pescatore but many passing by have comments about how life was and is at Dal Pescatore today. Despite what they think it is a historical place.

The restaurant is situated in the nature reserve of the Oglio Sud park in a village with 36 inhabitants, inside an elegant country house with the dining and sitting rooms encircled by the greenery of the gardens. The picture is a spider web in the garden at the back of the property.

The History dates back to the 1920’s when it was a simple tavern built of ditch reeds and some bricks on the banks of a pond. As the years passed the tavern was called “Vino e Pesce” and in 1960 it was renamed “Dal Pescatore”. It was then that white table cloths appeared and it all changed.

In the late 90’s the restaurant began to see the active participation of Giovanni Santini born in 1976 and in the kitchen since 1996 and Alberto Santini born in 1983 and attending guests in the dining area since 2000. Giovanni formally studied food science and technology with Valentina, his wife, works in the dining area.

The cuisine is elegant and compliments the overall experience. I believe that some guests feel let down by the “French Service” which is an aspect of most three-stared Michelin restaurants. The cuisine is a tad heavy but the experience is worth a try if you are passing by.

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