Resting Meat @ 12 Minutes

The idea of cooking a piece of meat in a water bath seems strange for most people as they associate water with boiling. I almost always use ‘sous vide’ to cook the meat evenly throughout. The finishing steps are coloration of the meat by way of the use of high heat of 300 degrees Celsius.


In this case I used the pizza oven at my friends restaurant in Mykonos. The steak’s core should be finished at 56 Celsius degrees for medium rare. When a thermometer is unavailable I suggest weighing the meat and (1 kilo) can be cooked for 45-mins at 56 Celsius degrees and cooled in a water-bath, or the blast chiller for 5 minutes.

I actually cooked this steak at home and 3 hours later carried it to the restaurant where I finished it on the spot. I used no seasoning except olive oil and pepper and salt after a resting period of 12 minutes. I added lemon for a touch of fresh acidity, and it is all a matter of personal taste.

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