Von Escher

Freddy Von Escher has been a friend for nearly 30 years. Since our friendship began, I began to purchase some of the finest raw materials in Switzerland. Freddy specializes in mostly game and poultry but over the years managed to purvey some excellent caviar and other products from Spain and Italy.

Since wild caviar is illegal it has become obsolete in my food vocabulary. I cannot appreciate the new generation of caviar despite some brands being excellent in color and taste but nothing in comparison to the wild Caspian. For example in Israel they produce and excellent caviar and in Bordeaux and even in Switzerland it is tasty.

Freddy manages to import the infamous birds from the most important French regions such as Miraval, Houdan and Bresse. We well we always enjoy to see Freddy and listen to his knowledge and enthusiasm but never “piss him off” or “no way” to get true quality in Switzerland for your own kitchen.