There are birds and there are chicken feathered birds and they are fascinating! In America a chicken is a ball of pale colored skin sold in a plastic bag but in France it is religion. The Crevecoeur and Houdans are usually grouped collectively with the La Fleche as the oldest poultry breeds of French origin. Poultry historians have speculated that the Crevecour is actually the oldest member cross breed with Polish and five toed breeds traced to the 1700’s but this is debatable. While the Crevecoeur was standardized in North America only as a black fowl, at one time white and blue were also known. Today most French poultry historians believed that the Crevecoeur was developed from crossing Polish with the old time common fowl of Normandy, which was often five toed. Such fowl were also common in Britanny. Many French writers claim the Dorking as originally French, believing that it was introduced to Britain during or after the Norman invasion in 1066. The British prefer to believe that a reverse movement occurred. In fact, the Romans were probably the original source of such birds in both areas and it is likely these fowl crossed the channel many times. In the end, it is all the right materials and knowing what to do. We can all roast a chicken in the oven but rarely we get it right unless we use the understand the right technique.

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