Farro Dashi Ikura

Farro is a grain of a certain wheat species in whole form but the exact definition is still debated by experts. Despite that, it is a fantastic ingredient to use. The most common uses are in America and Europe where it is cooked in a water and then either eaten as is, or mixed with other food products, i.e. poultry, vegetables, etc.

I suggest using the ingredients below in a way that you feel comfortable. The process is the same way you would prepare risotto and simply add the ingredients as you go along. This recipe takes time but in the end it is delicious.


s1. Soak faro over night – room temperature
s2. Prepare Dashi and slice fresh mushrooms
s3. Saute onions and garlic/oil
s4. Hydrate 3 shiitake
s5. Add faro to s.3 and crack it with heat together shitake and cover
s6. Then add the dashi and simmer for approx. 0h45
s7. After cooking cool down and add some sake/vinegar and stir rapidly to cool
s8. Serve and add Ikura roe
s9. Finish with nori thinly sliced on top
s.10 Enjoy

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