Travel Alba

We are off to Alba to embrace the Piemontèis way of life, a commitment to preserving the region’s treasures and nature. Piedmont is famous for its wine production which goes hand in hand with its food culture influenced from local traditions. This time of the year we are searching the white truffle but it will be scarce this year. Our friend Leonardo a truffle dealer (traveling 28,000 kilometers a year by car) has warned us and shared with us the opening seasons’ results which look grim.I am told that a 250 gram truffle sold for four-thousand Euro. It isn’t by the kilo this year he says, it is by the size so watch out. The truffles are coming from Albania, Slovenia and from other neighboring countries.

Luckily Piedmont’s stretches from the magnificent Alps in the northwest, to the sweet rolling hills of the Monferrato and the Langhe home of truffles to the south embracing the Maritime Alps, and to the wide flat plains of the Po river valley. The villages surrounding the Langhe are often nestled with gastronomic treasures, so we are hopeful to find a few here and there. The wine culture is not something to miss there and we will explore the diversity and soul of life there.

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