Truffles Marche

As some may know, the delicious and exclusive white truffle can be found and Marche region white truffle of Acqualagna savored not only in the Alba and Piedmont region, but also in the municipality of Acqualagna in Italy’s central region of Marche. Although Acqualagna’s population is only less than 5000, it is renowned throughout Europe for its centuries-old tradition of truffle gathering, production and marketing due to its climatic conditions which make it possible to harvest truffles year round. Every year the town hosts several truffle festivals with the most famous taking place each year at the end of October through early November. The natural beauty of the surrounding areas and the aroma of truffles make Acqualagna a truly special place. Those who visit Acqualagna to experience the sweetness and the flavor of the truffles.

If you’re on the Adriatic side of the Peninsula, you may well find Acqualagna’s festival easier to reach; simply take the Bologna-Bari highway to Fano and then head inland to Acqualagna. The festival will be held on October 29, and November 1/2/5 and 12 for white truffles. Acqualagna also holds a black truffle festival on the next-to-last Sunday of February, and a summer black truffle (tartufo nero estivo) festival on August 14/15.