Zani Macelleria – Butcher

Last spring I was invited by Gianni D’Amato (who has a good sense of humor pictured above) to visit the masterful Massimilano Zani in Canetto sull’ Oglio. It was prior to the earthquake that subsequently closed Gianni’s two star Michelin for over six months. Gianni is a tremendous person and an excellent cook and friend.

Living in a small town named Reggiolo he decided to join me and took off the afternoon. We drove 1h30 to Zani to celebrate the butchering of Chianina cow which was aged for 5 weeks. It was a tremendous experience to watch him at work, tasting the meat crudo; he directs his assistant to bring some virgin olive oil, salt and some bread as we stand in his workshop tasting his sa·voir-faire.

The shop itself is a shoebox size but plenty of space for a one man show. The backroom contains his bench and table with a few sky hooks for hanging the meats. I recommend visiting him and tasting his meats anytime not to mention he is the butcher to Dal Pescatore, a three star Michelin in the neighborhood.

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