Sacra Familia Wine

I have tasted bio-dynamic wines in my past, and perhaps many more than I want to remember. Last night I was with Marco Merighi the co-owner of Il Don Giovanni in Ferrara. Marco is passionate about his wines and his focus is on bio wines. In the past we’ve tasted together and he defines his focus and lacks interest in typical wine making techniques.

He calls Sacra Familia the greatest wine makers on this planet and we taste the 2007 Riesling together. It is atypical of most other bio-wines in that it has no stinky nose yet the color is oxidized. I was afraid but the nose is steely and powerful. I taste it without any hesitation and find it wonderful and additive. It has good balance and aromas that are unique as Marco hints to his admiration for the philosophy of the Sacra Familia. I agree it is worthy of a very interesting wine and accompanies the truffles perfectly.

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