Cheese Anyone?

The company for three generations breeds Simmental Italian, already Simmental cows for purposes of making a variety of cheeses. A family run dairy, has a small production of cheese, even with modern machinery, are produced according to the techniques of the typical workings, such as the classic “dairy Friuli”, a semi-cooked cheese to raw milk, in the best tradition of the “dairy manufacturing.”

The production is then divided in cheeses that we tried to “flavored cheeses”, made from raw milk, sweet, that is flavored with sage, rosemary, thyme, basil, nettle, and ending with elder flowers, mallow, marigold and rose petals.

Agriturismo Borg da Ocjs
Via Parini, 18 34071 Borgnano, Cormons, GO
T+39 0481 67204

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