Meat Eater ?

Too often consumers eat chicken thinking it is more beneficial than beef but even the bio chickens are scarcely very healthy. Chickens are too often raised in coops, they are squished together and on top of one another. I would be cautious to eat any poultry unless it is pedigree and farmed free range. Always know what you eat, where it comes from and how it is raised and slaughtered.

I am not a meat pusher, and often I enjoy raw fish during my time spent in Japan. I eat much more fish than most people who live in the west but my diet changes from place to place and according to my travel. While in Emilia Romagna, I tasted raw horse meat as an antipasti. When I am near the sea, I enjoy the fruits of the sea yet I am careful of parasites.

I learned many years ago, in the hills of Piedmonte to enjoy raw beef and I adore this beef. I consider it among the ultimate beef raised in Europe even though there are numerous interesting regions and producers who raise cattle with the right intentions. But there is something about killing and animal after maintaining their diet and health in a meticulous manner. Recently I met a converted meat-eater who decided that only vegan life is the way, and I am not so sure about that either.

When I think of the Oberto family in Piedmonte have their tradition and cattle, which goes hand in hand. They both raise their Fassona Piedmontese cattle and also butcher it. A butcher’s land, rich in natural resources, in Italy they understands how to take advantage of what they do best, and consequently the finest products are often produced there.

If you are interested in Italian cattle and pedigree see this link for more background:

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