The “castraura” di carciofo Violetto di S.Erasmois is unique. It is cut in advance to allow the plant to develop other 18-20 artichokes side (the curs) also delicious but never since their older brother, whose taste is truly unique.

They grow across the lagoon (Vignole, Lio Piccolo, Malamocco Mazzorbo), but the best hails from the island of St. Erasmus, the garden of the ancient Venice, whose vegetables fed from a land in the sandy, chalky in part, are the best that can be seen every morning at the Rialto market.

Already at the end of the seventeenth century, as well as informs us the site of the meritorious Consortium violet artichoke Sant’Erasmo, an association of 10 farms that protect and promote the Slow Food, the famous Franciscan cartographer Vincenzo Maria Coronelli spoke enthusiastically of quest ‘long Island 4 km wide and 500 to 900 meters, “between the islands that make embankment to the Lagoon of Venice, communera to Sant’Erasmo with beautiful vineyards and gardens, ‘which is given to the Metropolis amount of herbs and fruits perfect … “.

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