Mesciua Chickpea

The cuisine dedicated to Liguria is the mesciua, or mes-ciua or mixed, is a dish born in the port of La Spezia. Some say that the dish was invented in a day when there was not enough beans for a fagiolata or wheat to make bread, then they simply mingled the remains of both were added and chickpeas.

In La Spezia, it was definitely born by a difficult period in Italy. Mesciua was made by using a mix of vegetables collected on the docks by the wives of workers who were unloading the ships. The grain falls from the slits of the bags became the ingredients for hearty soups, can replace meat courses. The contents of the soup varied in time according to the mix found in the port of La Spezia, a veritable crossroads of trade in vegetables.

Will we go back to the poor dishes that have marked tradition, and history leaving us today with Mesciua. Unemployment continues to rise, while people more often begin to eat simple foods to avoid the colder winters.

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