Ligurian Anchovy

There are certain foods we need to add to our diet we miss. Those foods we too often overlook because of simply not knowing or because of the lack of quality availability in local shops. Certainly in the Americas many foods are difficult to find and even in the best gourmet shops. The natural foods are those foods too often not available given they cannot easily pass the FDA. These are artiginale, or better known as artisan. The Acciughe di Monterosso, fresh local anchovies are sweet, succulent and perfect with the local wines. There is a marriage between the land and sea.

The waters that bathe the protected coastline and are the ideal place to catch anchovy. In the period from mid-June to late July where they pass through this stretch of sea that is characterized by a particular salinity.

The family of blue fish, the anchovy has a slender shape of the maximum length of 20 cm, with color nero-azzurro back and rounded belly silvery. They get their flavor from the Mediterranean plankton, small crustaceans and shellfish larvae. With a different salinity of sea anchovies of Monterosso are a particularly well-balanced flavor. Formerly known as “pan u du but” (bread of the sea) are among the most fish in the Ligurian recipe: used under salt, stuffed, marinated or simply fried them.

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