Alberto Numero Uno

In my life I only met two people that I can say are “in control” of their stuff but I have met many who are in control. Alberto is one of them and the other is a mystery. You drive the winding roads through and past Modena to the backyard of Emilia Romanga to find a special place, with a special menu. There is Francescana and Marconi but Alberto is a no- nonsense chef with a clear modus operandi.

He knows what to do and when to do it and without any pretentious air. I like this guy, I say to myself and he knows his stuff. The cuisine are in part his inventions and on other cases his family’s tradition.

The “Trattoria”, was opened way back in 1930’s, by, Amerigo and Agnese. The “Trattoria” has always been a reference point there and is a one star Michelin, not that Alberto plutzes over it because he doesn’t.

The simple cuisine, the products from the courtyard, hen house, vegetable patch, the fields and woods are the same today, as they were back in the early days, but perhaps a little more innovation.

This is the real deal!

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