“the chef of kings”

Was it the two star restaurant in Imola who invented the egg in the ravioli with butter and black truffle ? The answer is no and this dish is legendary, copied all over Italy.

It was Nino Bergese, Saluzzo,1904 – Milan, 1979. He was born in a family of modest means and at fifteen he entered the service of Count Bonvicino as assistant gardener, however, was soon able to transfer him to the kitchen, where he was master John Bastone.

He became assistant cook Bergese Count Costa Carrù of the Trinity. The long apprenticeship ended in 1926, when he was hired as head chef for a wealthy family. He was eventually hired by the Counts of St. Elias Arborio Mella, ceremonies of the House of Savoy, and soon became one of the most reputed chefs of the aristocracy.

After the war, that world died, so he opened the restaurant in Genoa “The Holy”. He retired from the stove, and called Gianluigi Morini to oversee the kitchens of the restaurant “San Domenico” of Imola, which Bergese owes much of its authority.

Nino Bergese was named for his work as a chef, “the chef of kings, the king of chefs”

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