Tuber Brumale

I adore black and white truffles and I do not discriminate. The white when they are good, are very good and the white as well. The problem is, there are so many varying qualities given the season, region and freshness. I quickly understand the differences between the “real” and “faux” truffles but that has taken me years and I am still sometimes fooled. The issues isn’t about being fooled, as much as it is the truffle and habitat. The habitat can prove to be just as important and you can see from these two blacks, they were grown in soft ground and are the first examples of Tuber brumale, which are gathered during the period from 15th of November till 15th of March. It can be found in the same environment like T. brumale and it has more or less the same commercial value even if it has a more definite taste.

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