“Breze” 2005

I try not to write too much about wines. My blog is more focused on cuisine and lifestyle relating to health.I will cover a number of wines as I still feel that many wines deserve an honorable mention.

The freshness of Saumur intrigues me; a splendid white wine, it is long, fresh, lean and powerful yet it has the power without the over ripeness many people enjoy in wine. There are wines that are food wines and pair with certain foods and this is one of them. I tasted it at a one star Michelin named Sasso Marconi. The chef is wonderful, smiling, confident and a very capable person behind the closed doors of the kitchen.

The wine was cooled down in a slushy ice bucket by the co-owner. He smiled when I ordered it and admittedly I try to drink Italian wines when in Italy. This time I couldn’t resist.

The wines of the Brézé have been focused on their vineyards since the 15th century. The  Brézé wine of the Foucault brothers from Clos Rougeard has a rich hue in the glass.I am excited by the nose is; it is impressive, with some dried fruit but it is vibrant, firm and deep. The color golden, the palate has a very solid and upright character, with a good soft tannins.

A great wine, which is gently reminiscent of white Hermitage as much as Saumur.

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