La Trota in Rivodutri di Rieti

In search for the best products, traditional values with a modern twist, respect for the territory is the basis of their cuisine. A sense of good taste, concentrated flavors playing with textures and temperature with an eye to the lightness of the preparations. A wise use of herbs gives the dishes the aroma.

The parents named the small restaurant 47 years ago on the banks of a river with crystal clear water, hence “the trout”. The children, Sandro and Maurizio, who jointly manage the dining room and kitchen for the past 15 years.

The restaurant’s style is a little “cold”, trapped in a time warp of the last decades. This is something we find in areas where little changes have been made to the old-fashioned approach. It is neither good nor bad, just tacky and in need of some kind of modernization.

Via Sorgente Santa Susanna, 33  02010 Rivodutri Rieti

0746 685078

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