Michelin’s Future

The biggest question is, what will happen to Michelin’s future. In Europe we have crisis that continues to deepen. Restaurants complain from a lack of business. The one star restaurants in remote places barely have enough business during the week to pay their overhead.

The cost of doing business becomes more and more expensive. I cannot imagine that the Michelin road map will look the same in ten years. The clients are fewer and fewer and natural disaster such as the earthquake didn’t help. The recent changes of taxation and aggressive behavior of the tax police scares clients away. They walk into restaurants or stay outside and harasses clients away. The rising unemployment doesn’t help.

I am not predicting anyone’s future but definitely there will be a decline in the number of Michelin in the future, all over Europe. I know of at least two that will close and the owners will move to other continents. It is sad given the commitment to cuisine and regional traditions. Lets be hopeful!

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