Fassona Piemontese

In the area of Cuneo the native Piedmontese cattle breed has developed and evolved, once used for the production of milk, work and labor, and now bred above all for the production of top quality meat.

A great deal of research has shown that the meat of the native Piedmontese bovine breed has a particularly low-fat content: and it is leaner than many white meats and with an even lower fat-content than many qualities of fish. less than 1% fat content, versus 3% of other bovine breeds with lower cholesterol.

The beef has a low-level of connective tissue between the muscular fibers, and for this reason it is tender to chew. This characteristic is due not only to a genetic element, but also to controlled growth. In fact, any cattle growth that does not respect natural rhythms, environment will lead to excessive increase of the connective tissues with meat hardening.

The redness of the meat is mainly due to its iron content and a significant quantity of antioxidant compounds, mostly associated with Vitamin E. Nevertheless, as far as the color of the meat is concerned, various factors are involved such as: age of the animal, what it feeds on and slaughtering conditions after 11 months of age. This beef is perhaps one of the few red meats I feel good after consuming.

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