Nero di Fragno

The recognition of the black truffle Fragno, as autonomous species is according to the law of 17 May 1991. They officially released Tuber Uncinatum Chatin, as simple variety, the “Tuber aestivum”, more known under the name of “scorzone.” The same law also ruled that the current language Tuber unci-natum Chatin called black truffle Fragno, recognizing that the pretty village of Caledon and the home of this truffle and place classified its production.

The logo ‘Black Truffle Fragno’ is the Associations of pickers truffle consortium, they have the opportunity to use a qualified ‘seal’ in the marketing of the product and to protect the consumer.

The Truffle Fair is every Sunday during October 14 through to October 11.

Pro loco of Calestano
Via Mazzini, 1 – 43030 Calestano
T +39 0525520114
Cell +39 3456140366

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