Figs D.O.P

Finally, the figs from Cosenza have gained recognition by the EU’s Protected Designation of Origin, common referred to as D.O.P. The Rules of the community register was published last year in June.The flavor of the fruit is sweet and honeyed.
The name “Figs of Cosenza” is limited to the dried fruit of the fig tree home “Ficus carica sativa”, belonging to the variety “Dottato” (or “Optatus”). Their skin is initially pale green, then turns yellow greenish. The pulp is amber, moderately firm and slightly aromatic. The juice is not very dense, however, when ripe, sometimes protrudes dall’ostiolo, teardrop.
The area gegografica production of “Figs of Cosenza” is defined, in a portion equal to about one-third of the province of Cosenza, in the north from the large southern slope of the Pollino Massif, which prevents contact with the Basilicata region, while to the south the Sila and the rivers that descend from this to the south-east, the river Nicà, and to the south-west, the river Savuto. The area is between 0 and 800 meters above sea level, excluding the land slopes greater than 35%.

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