Juli Soler

I cannot stop thinking about our friend Juli. We shared some very special moments together, wine passion, he smoked and we laughed together. I remember when we traveled to Piedmont, where I hosted Mr. Moon in magnum. Then we went together to France and shared a barrel of 2005 Corton Vergennes made by Mounir, the owner of Lucien Le Moine.

He always invited us to El Buli and we carried our wines and friends together. We first met in Barcelona, we toured the laboratory, met ferran and ate a lunch together. We later became friends. A big heart filled with tremendous joy, he worked relentlessly on his vision and the future of El Buli. His commitment to El Buli, Ferran, clients, his family and friends was enormous.

The sadness fills our hearts, when we think of Juli’s current situation. A man with a great mind, sense of humor, now resigns himself to having very little control over his own life. Sadly and due to a rare neurological disorder has left him without much to do, and especially with those around him.

He is lucky to have friends such a Mounir Saouma, who always protected him, shared wine passion and cared about him.

There is hope, we pray for him.

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