Caviar Swiss

Caviar anyone?

The thought that the world’s population, a select number of caviar lovers depleted the entire world’s supply, making wild caviar an endangered species.

I recall when Caviar House Zürich specially packed golden caviar, beluga selected by color and sold it for a huge premium. They were cleaver enough to figure out that caviar eggs should be sorted by color and priced accordingly. A good marketing ploy!

Today wild caviar is sold in the black market by the kilo and prices are relatively low in comparison to the past. Then there are the caviar’s farmed in other countries which are becoming more and more popular. It started with Bordeaux caviar which was mediocre in my view. I recall trying Ferran’s orange caviar he constructed using a slotted spoon but it wasn’t caviar, although a good play on it.

Today we taste caviar from Frutigen – mountain caviar. Siberian sturgeon and sterlet are being bred in a pilot plant in the aquaculture in Frutigen since 2005. The primary goals are optimization of fresh sturgeon in order that they build-up of the fish stock. Leave it to the Swiss, a clinical approach to making farmed caviar without destroying the environment.

The Tropenhaus Frutigen is writing a piece of caviar history with the first Swiss caviar makes its appearance in the market in a natural and sustainable manner, produced with the finest craftsmanship:

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