Truffles Istri

The truffle’s fame is supported by various imitations that are quite numerous in the market. Since similar mushrooms grow also in other parts of the world, we cannot exclude them.

For example in Asia, they grow truffles but their qualities are far from comparable to the European and Slovenian types, and also considerably different.

In this part of the world often Slovenian truffles are substituted in Italy and sold as Italian. The truffle market in the Langhe is not enough to supply the world’s demands. The truffles should be judged by their own merits and less on their specific origins.

This does not mean that truffle dealers should be encouraged to mislead the buyers. The only motivation lies in the value and sale price of the truffles. It makes sense that the Alba truffles are more cherished, and obtain the highest prices per kilo, currently Euro 5.500+.

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