Roe to Ruin

The river networks are not to be under estimated when it comes to aqua life in the Caspian or in the Black Sea. Those are typically the places where fish spawn, Volga, Danube, Ural, etc. The trade in caviar still goes on and it makes little sense to try to stop it. Instead controlling it would be a better idea given it is the livelihood of so many and as an illegal substance, it is even more sought after. In fact, why are we being deprived of some of the finest living organisms on this planet. The fact is simple, over consumption.

It can be managed by simply raising the bar, and throwing out trawling as a means to fishing. There has to be incentive to buying a permit and control fishing and preserving sturgeons but the major problem now is contamination and continued polluting of the waters.

We cannot have it all and if we don’t stop polluting the planet’s most important resource (water) we will one day be stuck drinking coke-a-cola.

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