Restaurant Asador Etxebarri

I am told by my nephew this is one of the newest additions to BBQ in the hills of the Spanish coastal region near (yet far) from the famous eateries of San Sebastian.

The cuisine looks good, fresh and easy-going but would you travel all the way to a remote place to try it; the answer is yes but with the caveat, no real expectations. Often I travel to remote places to try regional cuisine prepared in a simplest fashion. It is usually worthwhile but after you discover nothing really new, it is just another good food experience to add to your belt. Having said that, it is impressive to see that passion takes people to remote places. We can eat in the city, be part of the city, but there is something very admirable about any chef that takes risk to open in and around nature without the support of local tourism.

Plaza de San Juan, 1
24549 Carracedelo, Leon, Spain

946 58 30 42

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