Dinner @ Wine

Last night, a very dear friend, now 82 and still actively drinking, eating and enjoying life to the fullest invites us for a night out. We agree to meet at the restaurant but he insists to send his driver, “we will be drinking” he laughs and explains that the police mind.

The night begins with an excellent R.D Bollinger 1979, it is a creamy rich wine, bubbles modest yet firm. The intensity of this wine shows great flavors with little signs of age. The Champagne was delicious and went well with the east coast oysters.

The next wines are put on the table to make a choice, one is a 1990 Margaux and the other a La Tache 1983. Our friend says, “you choose” and we let the host’s wife take the decision. La Tache it is!

The wine is poured and the nose is incredible, just amazing aromas, the richness of the wine swirls deep currents and hints of smokey oak, a typical characteristic of the Domaine de la Romanee-Conti wines. The flavors melded together in a perfect way.

I forgot to mention, the white wine, a Montrachet 1989 Marquis de la Guiche. The wine is perfectly intact, fresh, rich and powerful. The wine is exquisite.

The dinner moves on, the cuisine is rather boring in comparison but I ordered a hand cut steak tartar which seemed to work.

The desert, I am still standing, and the final bottle is a 375ml Chateau d’Yquem 1975. The little bottle has been chilled but not too cold, the host explains to the server. The wine is fresh, crisp and the color correct with little signs of age. It is hard to believe but the 1975 is so young.

A perfect way to enjoy a brisk fall night in a cold city with a warm glass of good company.

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