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I sit in the town of Los Angeles, surrounded by glamor; thin bodies, white teeth and plastic surgery mixed with bandages and fast cars.

Should I feel surrounded by sugar-coated bullshit. I suddenly get it. The world we live in is being destroyed by the continued demand for cheap consumer goods. People have no idea what is good food. The food we eat must look good, as a precondition, and is made under strict conditions of the Federal agencies to protect us from harmful bacteria.

Yet we are killing society with toxins that are far worse, such as fats and sugars. The trans fats and all the garbage we enjoy as a convenience factor. This will need to be changed but the food war is similar to the energy war, the fuels we use are too engrained in government’s interests, so we suffer until change is without any real choice.

I cannot see how government can sustain any “health system” with the promotion of all the genetically modified foods sold to the public with government seal of approval. I hate to think how long it will take until this all changes.

We just need to wake up, and decide that the fundamental problem in society are the standards and processes we use to support production of foods. The costs of the infrastructures that make foods so prohibitively expensive.

Just imagine how the American Government can save the tax payers billions in health the costs should we agree to challenge ourselves and make foods more healthy.

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