Le Panyol

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At the doorstep of Provence, tucked away at the heart of the Crozes Hermitage vineyards, lies special deposits of clay, referred to as the “Terre Blanche”. The Terre Blanche yields three remarkable things, excellent wine, exceptional earthenware and the Panyol. It has been the primary element in French culinary ceramics since the Roman era, prized for its exceptional thermal properties and durability.

The “Terre Blanche” of Larnage is not found anywhere else in the world and the fine white clay is of exceptional composition and quality. Compared to terra-cotta, Terre Blanche offers a faster warm up time, incomparable thermal properties, and outstanding efficiency and durability.

Above is a bakery in Vancouver, it is not an ordinary bakery. The owner a diehard baker, decide to open with a Panyol wood-fired brick oven; it produces a heat, aromas and tastes unique to a wood oven.

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