Su Jok

Incredibly my wife had a stiff upper back that restricted her to breathe. A friend suggested a visit by a homeopathy who has a reputation of saving people from severe bodily pain. I didn’t doubt it, as I have seen numerous types of therapy work efficiently.

The technique used this time is named Su Jok, a treatment of Korean origin. This is best described as an energetic theory founded on the theories of traditional medicine where energy-flowing theory are key.

I am told that this experiment works best; find a test a friend or family member who has neck pain. Try to find someone who has an acute condition, not a long-term, chronic condition with structural damage. Assuming your client has tightness on the left side of the neck at about the level of the fourth cervical, apply Su Jok as follows:

  1. Observe and document your client’s limitation in movement and ask them to rate their pain level from one to ten, ten being the most painful condition possible. Also check their range of motion and degree of muscle tension.
  2. Next, grasp the thumb of their left hand such that you can roll the side of a round object, such as a ballpoint pen, along the length of the left dorsal surface of the thumb. To perform this step properly, think of how a rolling-pin is rolled over dough, and you will have an idea of the rolling process. Use the rolling technique on the corresponding area of the hand. You may have to vary the pressure to find the most sensitive area. During this process, you will find a place where the client will indicate a higher degree of sensitivity.
  3. Having isolated a target area, search for a precise location with a smaller tipped instrument. For example, use the ball end of an ear probe many acupuncturists use for auricular point location. The tip must not be so sharp that it creates skin pain. This masks the inherent tenderness. If you conduct the search carefully, you will definitely find very sensitive, painful points. These are the relevant corresponding points.

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