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Does it ever make you wonder why Hebrews and Japanese have a heads up on food health benefits. The Hebrews thought of kosher, a simple regulation to separate  foods to prevent stomach indigestion. Today we know that meat and milk is an unhealthy combination.

The Japanese on the other hand, have it more figured out and if you wonder why, it is simple; they have the discipline, simple and practical hand tools and a very good common sense. They live with nature, respect and cherish it, a value system that is ancient.

Think today, the average daily caloric intake in Japan is 2,754 calories, compared to 3,825 in the United States which ranks no.1 in the world. The food waste in America is disgusting and the saturated fats and “junk food” is garbage.

Above pictured are the beginnings of a Japanese breakfast, the multiple mini courses are more than fifteen+, the ending is rice, pickles and a soup. Is there a good reason why, and I guess so. The traditions of a breakfast are clearly significant in Japanese culture for a good reason.

There is a good reason that 71% of foreign tourists to Japan are attracted by Japanese food. (duh)

Research suggests that having a big breakfast with carbohydrates and lean protein, and even a piece of chocolate, will help keep your appetite in check all day and help you lose weight.


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