Should food look beautiful?

The answer is obviously yes, but what is “food beauty” anyway? That is the question to ask yourself.

Many foods today have become highly stylized or over simplified to meet the demands of the picky and fashionable consumer. The waiter asks, “are you on a diet sir”, serving you a diet coke with a perfectly over cooked filet and french fries and ketchup.

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Aside from European chefs, I continue to see many the celebrity chef’s foods are getting less sophisticated and more complicated, all at the same time. The over use of ingredients and the confusion of sophistication in place of over-sized portions.

This makes perfect sense given that most, if not all the food developments over time (in part) have developed by the demands of local clients. The commercial aspect of food should not be underestimated and you either go with the flow, or go out of business.

While back over the Atlantic you find so many clients eating at their local restaurant because the Maitre’d kisses their ass from the time they walk in, until the time they leave. This makes good food experiences for many – sadly.

The finesse, elegance and tastes of the east become permanent fixtures in all fusion cuisine. In fact, it isn’t fusion we consider today as cutting edge anymore. We now have replaced it with molecular cuisine. Some do it well, while other make repulsive combinations. Take for example Wd50 in New York, a typical American celebrity chef makes the worst combinations I’ve tasted. But Americans adore him.

The foods of California kitchens are perhaps more interesting than those of the east coast  given the vast majority of super interesting veggies coming from the coast. The idea of raw intrigues some, calling for enzymatic controls over their diets, help me.

But in New York, they really put on the show; the so-called Michelin experience gets sugar-coated by the fame of a chef. The in-place today, the out-place tomorrow.

A simple bird; a chicken in France has feathers, a beak and a tail, and in the USA, it is a glob of white fat hidden under a plastic bag. Alternatively, New York’s live poultry, a live stock in the city, caged bird-plant, it is rather grotesque.

The picky customer, the picky government with controls on every little detail, except the details.The food chain has become a fast food network both for the poor and the rich. They rich chase the super star in pursuit of some instant recognition.

The art fairs, the night clubs, and black credit cards, they are all symbols of a lost tribe living in a concrete bankrupt jungle. The poor chase the pay-check and a big Mac. I guess I respect more the big mac culture more than I do the snobbery of the food fools.

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