Plastic See-Z

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Hedonists love themselves, while enjoying sushi without any real worry except the cheque. Others worry about bacteria and this is easily managed by blast chilling fresh fish, a common practice all over the world.

Now imagine that scientists found up to 40,000 fragments of plastic waste in every square kilometer of sea. It is said, that the level of plastic pollution is so high that toxins are being absorbed by fish and making their way into the human food chain.

After spending time in Greece, we understand how plastic affects the wonderful seascape. The Antarctica is remote enough yet the pollution we throw (plastic) finds itself imbedded in everywhere on planet earth.

It is not just marine creatures that are hurt by plastic in water. Now 100 per cent of all common seabirds in the world, the shearwaters, 100 per cent of them have eaten plastic.

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