Die in Shame

The body of fruit, a corpse, or a simple organism wrapped in plastic. I walk through the local supermarket watching the fruits and vegetables, and they look embalmed. The chemical controls, killing of spores in dump tanks, on bins, or in flume water with chlorine to reduce spoiling. Life after chemicals.

The fruits are protected from bacteria both good and bad, but more what the food administrations call bad. We have habit of destroying whatever is beneficial to protect us.

I travelled in many rice fields in Southern Asia, the chemical trade is pumping the fields with too many pesticides.The Japanese sell tons of chemical MSG to the poor households spreading it over almost all foods for flavoring. The rice they (we) eat is laced with high levels of poisons. The use of pesticides in Asia is raising the spectra of “pest storms” devastating rice farms and threatening food security.

The increased production of cheap pesticides in China and India, lax regulation and inadequate farmer education are destroying ecosystems around paddies, allowing pests to thrive and multiply.

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