Sharp Knife

A knife is not just a knife, it is not about a fancy handle or shiny blade, it is about a practical tool. The knife must be razor sharp, daily sharpened and used with concentration, agility and experience.

This tool that has a history too long to get into and a tool we use more than any other tool. Perhaps not more than a toilet but it is a tool we cannot live without. The evolution of tools and hand tools in particular are about the evolution of man and how we live.

To think that the Japanese have a culture built around knives is somehow obvious and fascinating. The idea that just a few hundred years ago men carried swords and short knives and later guns influenced by the west.

The knife is a tool that has been perfected and today the knife technology, the folding of steel, the blending of steel and the hand hammering is still very much practiced. Avoid using those silly Global knifes or any knife that does not really cut accurately. Food needs to be cut with precision as text and taste are imparted by a cut.

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