Quiz Nights

I was in England last month and it is so true that the English adore their beers; sipping pints, laughing, making jokes and even going as far as having “quiz nights”. Special nights at the local pub, where guests sip beer and answer trivia questions. We sipped a first growth while others shared table pitchers. Luckily, I was even sitting with a soccer club owner and his wife and they had one of those tables that just had to win. In fact we had an old fogie with us that was a real whiz and it lead us to victory. I left before the prizes.

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Well in Japan the beer experience is quite different. One wine Bar I have tried is named ‘Ushitora One’ which is a casual sit-down with a food menu that includes sauerkraut and shepherd’s pie. The food goes well with the hand pumped beers on tap and you won’t get bored there, you’ll get drunk if you try their beers, because they have almost 15 domestic beers on tap.

If you find drinking beer fun then perhaps you’ll rate your beer here: http://www.ratebeer.com/p/ushi-tora-tokyo/7895

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