Poca Poca

There are some classic sentimental moments in life that makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside. Being sentimental doesn’t mean you are an old fogie or does it? Some are sentimental about the small things they collected during their formative years. Others sentimental about cars and some even their childhood toys.

In Tokyo there exists a small Spanish bar, named Poca Poca and inside is a husband and wife that have worked together for forty years. This small tapas bar has only 5 seats in a cozy environment. The counter is cluttered with many treasure collected over the years. Amongst them is an over sized Jambon Iberico, an entire hoof that is hand carved on command.


Last night, he cooked some wild deer for us from the north of Japan; he takes the filet, seasons it by using his stone mortar and pestle. Then his wife passes him a skillet and he works very carefully turning the meat until it is cooked to perfection. Then he rests it wrapped in tin foil for 15 minutes. The deer is sliced and served to perfection.

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