Feed Machines – Forever


As we enter a new time we need to begin to understand how we will eat in the coming future. The world we live in is getting more populated and in many instances the air we breathe and food we consume is getting worse. Almost everywhere you look we have fast foods chains that dominate our food culture and eating habits.

What has happened to the good old days, when things were made by hand and tasted good and were good. As foods becomes more accessible and affordable the less nutritious it is. We live for daily convenience and almost those very fundamental things in life we cherish, we destroy. The young generations are consuming more “junk foods”, those foods that fill you up but leave you feeling empty.

On top of it, there is just too much food wastage in the world and just too many people starving, all at the same time. When you look around, walking in any supermarket and there are just too many foods to choose from. The wastage of foods in every city is staggering. We cannot feed leftover foods to those starving because of health restrictions.

We need a clear way to understanding and simplify what we need to eat, i.e. a road map. Too often we are eating foods that are not optimizing our body’s potential but our bodies are slaves to bad foods. Sugars and processed foods warm us up inside but at the same time are starve our body and soul.

We know that the resources are being exploited the world over and eventually we believe more nutrition will be produced more bio-chemically and we will likely be fed by machines, just like cars. These machines will pump our bodies with more energy without wasting calories and being more cost-effective.

Perhaps this machine will be the type that delivers us our flat pills.

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