The recipe calls for 48 hours in the fridge to dry age the skin. It is hard to say how effective it really is or isn’t but I followed the miracles of the Modernist Cuisine. The one change I made was that I used a base coat of honey and shoyu to coat the skin. The cooking of the bird was 62° Centigrade for 4h00 (zero humidity) and in the end the meat was undercooked. The only way to cook chicken is to use a thermocouple with a needle to check the core temperature of the breast and once it is cooked, take it out, cut the breast off and put the bird back to cook the thigh.

Oh, before I forget, the best way to finish the skin is to color it 45 minutes before taking it out and then give it a nice blast with a proper torch. “Get in and out as fast as you can,” I was told by the chef @ the lab.

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