Walls We Eat

So many of us eat fruit daily and never quite understand the anatomy or the distinction between fruits, seeds and nuts. There is a confusion between all of them. The nut is confused with a seed and so on.

Fruits have seeds, sometimes single seeds and sometimes multiple. Seeds have been an important development in the reproduction and spread of flowering plants. A typical seed includes three basic parts: an embryo, a supply of nutrients for the embryo, and a seed coat.

But the easiest way to enjoy fruits is to understand the anatomy outside the seed. The pericarp is a botanical term and refers to the wall of a ripened ovary of a plant, or the fruit wall.


The pericarp is divided into three distinct sections;

The first is the endocarp, or inner layer or better known to most people as the hard pit of the fruit. Inside the endocarp is the seed of the fruit.

The second section is the mesocarp, or middle layer and is what most people would consider the flesh of the fruit and is the majority of the mass.

The exocarp, or the outer layer makes up the skin of the fruit.

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